Mainland Welding offers a broad selection of products and marine structures just for the "skinny water" enthusiast.




Our poling platforms are built in a multitude of configurations in union with the boat. We provide the most equipped designs to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We offer these in deck mount, transom mount, single step all the way up to three step for high-lift jack plate. Whatever our customer dreams of we can build.




The Raised Control Station is a modern Flats Boat upgrade more commonly used in the west coast area. This is a great way to provide a better viewing operating platform for the driver in shallow water conditions. It is more cost efficient then building a half tower or tower and provides a nice way to set your Flats Boat far apart from the rest! It usually incorporates a nice seat into the design as well. At Mainland Welding Inc. We provide a unique touch in the design of all our products by taking the time to understand exactly what the customer desires.





We've designed this leaner just for the flats boats. Typical rear deck configuration does not allow adequate space for rear mounted coolers. Our new front loader allows cooler storage from the front side. Simply fold up the folding footrest and lift the cooler over the locking bar and your done. This unit is available in a multitude of configurations such as: With or without backrest, weld on or flush mount holders, brushed or polished pipe and so on. Basically, if its listed as an option from our leaner page, it can be added to this chair.





This simple and affective design allows us to build this unit around your cooler size. The flip-flop backrest allows seating from either side and ease of cooler access

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